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The Big Relax 4 week Workshop

Thursdays 7:00pm to 8:30pm

starts October 11, sessions end November 1 2018

Do you yearn to have some peace of mind?

Looking for some beginner steps to regular meditation and restorative yoga practice?

In this warm and encouraging workshop you will:

  • understand about mindfulness and concentration

  • use your breath, movement and meditation to relax and connect with deep relaxation

  • practice with a range simple techniques

What’s included
The 4 session includes a introduction to basic yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation with ample time to deep into your practice. the focus is on letting go of daily stresses or a life time of built up stress.

Who’s it for
This session is for newbies, rusty or returning yogis and meditators, the young and old, anyone looking for an alternative form of healing (physically, mental or emotional).

Cost : $50 ($56.50) per person or sign up with a friend $40 ($45.20) each

To register come in with payment or etransfer to